Getting ready for Christmas!

December is here, Christmas is approaching and in the school we needed some decorations to get into the holiday spirit, so our students of 1st and 2nd ESO have put their hands on it.

During the last weeks, in the FAIG hours, they have been creating Christmas decorations, so that their classrooms and the school could be a little more festive. During this subject they work in groups, doing projects that they have to assess later, so they learn a lot about team work, generating original ideas, agreeing with partners, evaluating the process of creation…  And the result of this project has been amazing! A lot of Christmas trees, mostly made with recycled materials, ornaments, snowmen, Advent calendars, Christmas wreaths, and even a real size Santa!

Students have shown their best abilities and their motivation in this activity, and the pieces that they have created are now decorating our classrooms and preparing us for the upcoming Christmas holidays!

Encesa Solidària 2018
Encesa Solidària 2018
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