New year, new energy!

This month of January our students of Batxillerat are not slowing down! In our English Speaking classes we are finding so many ways of practicing our fluency, pronunciation and grammar!

We started off by doing some group cohesion activities where we had to reach an agreement by communicating in a respectful way, and as you can guess, finding a solution between a large group of people is not easy! Among others, we played the role of professional astronauts who crashed on the moon, and had to agree which items were the most important to save!

We also worked on how a debate works. We learnt about expressions to agree, disagree, ask questions or clarification. We then debated on a variety of topics such as: “Should computers be used in day-to-day education in class?”, or “Will robots dominate the future?”. Sometimes, they had to defend a position which wasn’t even what they really thought!

All in all, we’re constantly bouncing from one activity to the next so that by the end we can become real professionals when it comes to speaking. People won’t even suspect that English is our 3rd language!

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