The circus has arrived!

The circus has arrived to the classes of the Robots, Explorers and Astronauts! This circus is a very special place, which will help us to explore new places from all over the world. We will learn where each animal is from, who lives in each place, which customs they have, which clothes they wear and lots more!

We start our adventure in Antarctica, we put on our winter clothes and some special animals (whale, seal, penguin…), will come along with us in this journey.  Then, we move on to Africa, and we’ll observe the difference between hot and cold and we’ll get to know the wonderful African music. Our next stop is America, where we will taste, smell and learn about the tropical fruits, followed by Europe with its most significant landmarks. Our final stop in our journey is Asia, where we will learn about the importance of meditation, and also the importance of silence and patience.

Our little project has several activities: creating a world map mural with different techniques and reading stories about some families around the world, African dances, etc. We also played to be the strongest, funniest and most artistic kids in the school.

When all the games and activities have finished, we will have learn many diverse things. The circus is a fun and motivating topic which gives us lots of diverse knowledge.

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